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As a dentist, I've noticed quite a diffrence in my oral hygiene with the hyG. My last two cleanings were fifteen minutes long, with no tartar present. I have found that my teeth feel cleaner and my mouth more fresh.
Scott Bjerke, D.D.S., P.A
Eagan, Minnesota

I have been using the hyG toothbrush for over a year. As a periodontist, I know what a plaque free tooth should feel and look like. I have found the difficult to reach molar areas are much cleaner and my mouth tastes so much better since using the iontophoretic brush. I would gladly recommend it to all my patients and friends.
D.E. Van Scotter, D.D.S.
Hot Springs, Arkansas

I conducted a mini-research project though my office and found the response in general, to be positve with only one person feeling indifferent. Teeth feeling cleaner was the normal response. A colleague's wife reported her teeth never felt cleaner and refuses to use anything else. From a clinical standpoint, less plaque was evident, especially in the hard to clean places...My daughter appreciated its effectiveness during the two years she wore braces, it made the difficult job of cleaning around brackets much easier.

One patient, who has a history of bad breath resulting from smoking, coffee and questionable homecare, had dramatic improvement within just days. This toothbrush is especially applicable for those patients who have a difficult time cleaning their teeth (i.e. the elderly, people with braces, the handicapped, or those just suffering from lack of motivation).
Dr. Newell Easley D.D.S.
Burlington, Wisconsin

When I recently went to the dentist for a checkup, he congratulated me on how clean my teeth were, with no plaque or cavities. I'm a 95 year old woman, so I appreciate a toothbrush that helps me save money on dental bills!
Maysel Evans
Portland, Oregon

I want to thank you for allowing me to be part of the testing of the hyG toothbrush. I definitely feel a cleaner taste in my mouth after brushing.....I have a terrible plaque problem and am eager to find an alternative to surgery, which I have had twice unsuccessfully.

I do use the battery tester once a week to prove to myself that it is still working, It gives me a heightened sense of security...
Sue Corb
Sarasota, Florida

For the past twenty-two months I have been using this strange toothbrush....Prior to that time, my dentist was concerned that in the very near future I would need to have repair done to my gums. I am very happy to report that my last visit to the dentist was good . The plaque build up was minimal even though I had not seen a dentist in nearly two years...I can also tell you that since I have been using this new toothbrush, I have no bleeding while brushing...

My husband recently began using the hyG and he is already beginning to notice the difference in his teeth and gums. We both feel that it leaves our mouths feeling more refreshed...
Marcella Gilliland
Sarasota, Florida

I am a smoker and since I've started using the hyG electronic toothbrush, I've noticed that my breath stays fresher longer. My teeth feel clean and smooth, like I've just come from the dentist.

The idea of having several brush heads included is wonderful. Now I don't have to worry about running to the store when the old one wears out. I just pop on a new one! I recommend that anyone who hasn't tried a hyG do so today!
T. Bennetts
Minnetonka, Minnesota

The timing on my experimental use of the hyG was excellent. I had fallen and experienced the loss of two incisors and tearing of the tissue in the roof of my mouth. My dentist explained the importance of massaging the damaged tissue area. I immediately started using the hyG and had rapid and excellent healing....At the same time, I was experiencing a clean smooth feeling throughout my mouth.

As a former dental assistant, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a clean, fresh mouth.
Marjorie A. Burnett
West Union, Iowa

I have always had regular dental cleanings and the closer to the big 50th birthday, the worse the news becomes!... My mother had more than $12,000 in dental work and I figured genetically, I may be in for the same problems... Usually I endure the torture of scraping and scaling but atfer 5 months of using the hyG brush my last visit to the dentist was almost bloodless! The hygienist was amazed! If this hyG can save me $12,000 in dental bills, I am a believer.
Jeanette Rae
Clearwater, Florida

I have been using the hyG toothbrush for about a month and a half. The following are my observations and opinions of the product:

My teeth appear whiter and feel cleaner since using the hyG. Being a smoker, this is greatly appreciated. Also, before using the hyG, I had some hot/cold sensitivity in a couple of molars. I have noticed that this is reduced. I am looking forward to my next check up to see if my dental hygienist notices any change.
Mary Jane Mueller
Minneapolis, Minnesota

This letter is to let you know how much I enjoy brushing with the hyG toothbrush. It works so well it makes my teeth feel so clean, like I just went to the dentist. I have been using it for only a couple of weeks but, I can already tell the difference. I will continue to use it for sure! Thank you for introducing this great product to me.
Shannon Platzer
Las Vegas, Nevada

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